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Brochures (12) Latest Lapua brochures and leaflets
Lapua Boxes (72) Lapua centerfire and rimfire cartridge and component box pictures
Lapua Bullets (57)
Lapua Cartridges (35) Lapua cartridge and cartridge group pictures
Lapua Cases (47) Lapua case and case head pictures
Lapua Segments (6) Hunting, Sport shooting (Centerfire and Rimfire), Reloading and Special purpose
Logos (4) Lapua logos and logo instructions
Posters (8) Lapua calendar 2015, Lapua product poster 2015
Press Release and New Products 2015 (18)
QTU Lapua Edition (4) QuickTarget Unlimited Lapua Edition (QTU Lapua Edition) is a sophisticated exterior ballistic software that utilizes extremely accurate Doppler radar measurements of bullet trajectories. These continuous air drag coefficients make it possible to calculate the trajectory of your bullet much more accurately than using the simplifed one-number B.C.

Lapua is first to offer this radar data and this accurately verified ballistic data for civilian long-range shooters.

Basically, as starting values you will need only bullet type and muzzle velocity. The software will calculate e.g. bullet drop, velocity and energy as a function of distance and the flying time. If wind conditions (direction and speed) are known you can calculate also wind drift. The program has also many features useful for adjusting your scope. Specific features of the software can be found in the manual downloadable from Lapua website downloads section.

QTU Lapua Edition is a special version of normal QTU that is tailored for Lapua bullets. The full version of QuickLoad (QL) and QuickTarget (QT) programs (QL+QT+QTU) can be purchased from dealers listed here. QuickLOAD© and QuickTarget© are Copyright 1988-2009 of H.G.Broemel, Neubruecker Weg 15, D-64382 Babenhausen, Germany.
Videos (6) Lapua brand videos (Inside Lapua and Passion for Precision) and product video clips