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Welcome to Paroc Building insulation CAD drawing library. 


We have gathered a selection of useful CAD drawings for your use. Digital details on standard solutions are available in DWG and PDF formats. Note that international details are common solutions. Local deviations may occur in some countries.


Using the Basket Functionality:


1.    Click the desired folder to open.

2.    Tick the box to download.

3.  Click the 'Download materials' icon in the top left corner of the page.
Download all selected drawings at once

4.    Choose preferred file format (dwg or pdf original)


To be able to read DWG files, you need a reader, for example DWG TrueView from Autodesk.


Legal notice

The details are presented as examples only. All building projects are individual, and therefore the utilization of the details for design purposes may require project-specific alterations. Responsibility for such project-specific details is always with the structural designer.


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Roofs (26)
Walls (35)
Floors (15)
Ground (4)